Normal+Versus+Abnormal+Behavior - Running head NORMAL...

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Running head: NORMAL VERSUS ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR 1 Normal Versus Abnormal Behavior Angel Bingham PSY 202 October 12, 2011 Rebecca Marek
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NORMAL VERSUS ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR 2 Normal versus Abnormal Behavior The definition of normal varies from person to person. Actions classified as normal or abnormal are dependent upon the person that is asked to define the actions. If someone is to be called normal, he or she must conform to the beliefs of the person or person’s judging the person in question. Cannibalism may seem abnormal and horrific to some, yet be an accepted way of life to another. I do not believe anyone can accurately determine if someone is normal by observing the other person’s actions. Normal is nothing more than conforming to the accepted thoughts, opinions, and actions of modern day society. Abnormal behavior is simpler to diagnose when the person observing the subject has an intimate relationship with the person. For example: if a person loves football games and has a specific routine he or she practices every Sunday prior to the game, yet this person suddenly has
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Normal+Versus+Abnormal+Behavior - Running head NORMAL...

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