Crusoe part 2

Crusoe part 2 - o Ironically audience reads Crusoe for pleasure as an escape from labor but Crusoe presents excessive amounts of labor o

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Crusoe 80-160 Time suddenly speeds up; seasons are passing, Journal more about his crop cultivations. He is adapting to the island. Preoccupied with basketweaving, agriculture, rearing animals, building more shelters Despite no companionship, he is taking pleasure in his control of the island. p122. Once he sees a footprint on the island, he becomes haunted and upset with the possibility of cannibals. Obsessed with fortifying himself. Rescues Friday What is the function of labor for Crusoe? How does he represent his labor? o acts as a way of keeping his sanity. Ironically, his obsession with labor also becomes his insanity. o Seems to want to start a civilization on the island, or create his own society with him at the top rather than in the middle. Ironically, this contradicts what his father said about the optimal point being neither at the top or at the bottom. He also makes no effort to actually escape from the island o Overcompensation to preserve civilization/dignity
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Unformatted text preview: o Ironically, audience reads Crusoe for pleasure as an escape from labor, but Crusoe presents excessive amounts of labor. o Representation of labor: desirable and good. o Possibly promoting labor • Close reading of p122 o Naked footprint, yet he is so sure it is a cannibal. Rather than feeling relief of a possible companion, he is immediately paranoid and terrified. Why? He has molded this island into his own "fortification" and civilization. He wants to push away anything that may possibly disrupt his plans. o Previously very confident, but suddenly is broken down and his life is thrown into uncertainty. o The idea of another human presence on the island introduces another factor, which he cannot control. Previously, he was the the top of the society where nothing could faze him. Now, he is unsure. o Possibly hallucinating? How come only a single footprint? Delusional narrator...
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