Pamela part 1

Pamela part 1 - Pamela Samuel Richardson(1689-1761 Middle...

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Pamela Samuel Richardson (1689-1761) o Middle class, owns printing business o 1st work is advice manual for apprentices (who are of lower classes). Saw apprentices as more open to reform than their social superiors. o Pamela grows out of volume of exemplary letters aimed at teaching unskilled how to write/behave with propriety o Pamela, or,Virtue Rewarded published (p740) Pamela: the 1st best seller o Pamela was highly fashionable, became a fad everyone talked about it o Popular Pamela mercandise included fans, waxworks, and teacups o Sequels: an unauthorized sequel was published by the following year. Richardson's own sequel ( Pamela II ) appears in 1741. The 1st stage adaptation appears the same year o 6 editions of the original novel appear within 2 years. The Pamela backlash o Fielding's Shamela ( 1741) o Haywood's Anti-Pamela o Targets for satirical attack included: o The novel's transgression of class boundaries Its voyeuristic success Portrayal of a servant girl that doesn't seem to do any work except write letters all day Perceived hypocrisy, ruthless gold-digger What Richardson did next o Clarissa (published serially 1747-8) o Sir Charles Grandison (1753-4) o Moral and Instructive Sentiments, Maxims, Cautions and Reflexions (1755) o Continues to revise and reissue Pamela until his death o Richardsons revisions refine Pamela and update social conventions Richardson and the Rise of the Novel o Influences Rousseau, Austen, Eliot
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Pamela part 1 - Pamela Samuel Richardson(1689-1761 Middle...

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