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Monster Film Romantic Adventure Musical: heavily dependent on sound Studios have a fear of bringing up the depression. Arc of a scene: beginning to end Gold diggers of 1933 (a musical): after the famous dance scene "We're in the money", the film introduces the subject of the depression which was considered revolutionary. Featured people dressed in coins. Famous choreographer known for large complex musical numbers, used lots of geometric patterns, showgirls, camera looking down to emphasize geometry "Forgotten Man": a homeless man Imaging: when actor converts words on script into something sensory, 3 dimensional (like a good story teller) My Man Godfrey (depression era) One of main characters, Godfrey, is a "forgotten man" that eventually becomes love interest portrayal of ppl in party vs forgotten man: poor ppl seen as intelligent, 3 dimensional,
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Unformatted text preview: caring whereas rich are 2 dimensional. • 1939: considered greatest year in Hollywood films • Gone With the Wind • Ninotchka (comedy) o very basic life in society, tries to balance rich and poor o Hotel room scene: maids going into hotel room and the main characters respond with joy offscreen. example of off-screen performance. • Off-screen performance: performance that happens out of sight of camera; verbal performance. (ex: Hotel scene in Ninotchka) • Status: power of the character. Usually more status = less nervous, plays low-key. • given circumstance: the character's HISTORY/back story. • beat: a new action or new thought, change in character and direction. • commentary: characters comment about another character to give exposition....
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