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b10day1 - Fall Quarter 2011 Mr Lilly Course requirements...

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9/24/2011 1 Fall Quarter, 2011 - Mr. Lilly ` Course requirements ` Creating your PageOut user i.d. ` Office hours and contact information ` Other websites of interest ` Calendar for the next two weeks ` Why read the Prologue? ` Textbook: Selected Materials from Understanding Business , ninth edition, Customized for De Anza College, by Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh. Published by McGraw- Hill Hill. The full ninth edition will also work You do NOT need the McGraw-Hill Connect registration card! ` A user i.d. in McGraw-Hill’s PageOut system (required online quizzes = 25% of your grade!)
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9/24/2011 2 ` Five Exams, each worth 15% of your grade You will need a ParSCORE form for each exam See the course calendar at the back of the course syllabus for the date of each exam and the chapters covered Closed-book, closed-note Multiple choice and true/false ` Weekly online quizzes worth 25% of your grade This is what you need the PageOut user i.d. for These are usually due on Sunday night by 11:55PM 1. Go to http://byronlilly.pageout.net
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