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READING RESPONSES You must post your Reading Response on the class’s CCLE site under discussion forum at 6 pm on the Monday for which you signed up. Reading Responses require four things: 1) A debatable thesis about the text, or a passage of the text, for that week. 2) Close analysis to prove your thesis. 3) A concluding question about the text that will spur discussion in section. 4) At least 2-3 double-spaced pages of condensed, well-argued thought. *This assignment is really a small paper based on a text that will be covered on Monday (the day you will be posting) or on Wednesday. This requires that you read ahead and think about the texts before we come to them in lecture. *Do not waste any sentences on an introduction. You should have a once-sentence thesis statement and then move immediately into your close reading. *Your paper must set out to argue a debatable thesis rooted in the text. A thesis will be argumentative rather than a given, obvious feature of the text. *Use close analysis to prove your thesis. Close analysis is not summary; close analysis explains how (see step two below) a text works (rather than what it says) and makes arguments about why it works that way (see step three below). I boil down close analysis into three easy steps that you will be deploying over and over and over again in your paper: (1) evidence, (2) effect, and (3) significance: CLOSE ANALYSIS 1. EVIDENCE Cite the text and identify the literary device or feature you want to analyze. It’s not analysis if you’re not using the terms and jargon of the field, so make sure you are familiar with literary devices. If you’re not, I’d suggest M.H. Abrams’s A Glossary of Literary Terms . There are plenty of resources on the internet. Google: literary terms, or literary devices. 2.
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Reading_Response_Critique_Guide - READING RESPONSES You...

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