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Frankenstein extra credit

Frankenstein extra credit - novel E.g do the adaptations...

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English 161C The Rise of the Novel Fall 2011 Professor Kareem Frankenstein Extra Credit Consider Frankenstein ’s role within popular culture. Focusing on one or two examples (film, television, advertising, toys, music, etc.), discuss how our own culture has made use of Mary Shelley’s novel. Address whether twentieth- and twenty-first century adaptations of Frankenstein use the characters or story in ways consistent with Shelley’s
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Unformatted text preview: novel. E.g. do the adaptations seem consistent with Shelley’s social critique, or with the novel’s literary style? If not, how an why do they appropriate / transform Shelley’s ideas? This assignment should be 2 pages, formatted as for the paper, and is due by Friday December 2 nd in your TA’s box, time-stamped, by 5pm....
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