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Exam 3 Review 1. In the sample of 16 children who wore braces, the average amount of time the children wore braces was 10.2 months with a known standard deviation of 4.04 months. Construct a 92% confidence interval for the true average length of time children wear braces. a. Describe what this interval means. 2. According to a survey of 10829 likely voters (source www.surveyusa.com ) on November 7, 2006, 6281 said they would vote NO on California Proposition 85 (parental notification). a. The point estimate of the population proportion of likely voters who would vote NO on Prop 85 was ___________. b. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion of voters who would vote NO on Prop 85. Confidence Interval is (___________, __________) Write two different complete sentences interpreting the confidence interval. 3. State the null hypothesis H o , and the alternate hypothesis H a , in terms of the appropriate parameter ( µ or p ) a) NBA claims that the mean weight of a basketball player is at most 259 lbs. b)
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