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Fall2010Exam3 - Math 10 Fall 2010 Form K Name Last First...

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Math 10 Fall 2010 Form K Name: Last:______________________ First:________________ Exam 3: Chapters 8, 9, 10 Class Time: ___________________ Put your NAME and CLASS TIME on THIS EXAM Print your NAME and CLASS TIME on your Scantron Print FORM K on your SCANTRON. Each question has exactly one BEST answer. There are 21 questions. You may write on this exam. There is no scratch paper allowed. Each question is worth 5 points for a total of 105 points. This includes 5 bonus points! If you have no note page, you must write NO NOTES on your SCANTRON. Put your SCANTRON and PAGE of NOTES inside your EXAM. BEFORE YOU START PACKING YOUR THINGS AWAY , turn in your EXAM and SCANTRON and notes. Then go back to your desk to pack up your materials. When your exam is returned, you will get back all materials you turned in. Turn your cell phone OFF. Any noise from a cell phone will signal that your exam is over. FAILURE TO FOLLOW ALL OF THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS WILL COST YOU THE 5 BONUS POINTS! __________________________________________________________________________________ Questions 1 – 4 refer to the following. Suppose a math instructor believes that the proportion of students who passed Exam 1 was lower in afternoon classes (A) than in morning classes (M). In a sample of her afternoon students 15 out of 29 students passed Exam 1. In a sample of her morning students 17 out of 27 students passed Exam 1. Should we conclude that that instructor’s belief is correct? 1. The appropriate alternate hypothesis is A. p A < p M B. p A < p M C. p A > p M D. p A > p M 2. Give the distribution for the random variable to be used for this test. 1 27 1 )( 43 . 0 )( 57 . 0 ( + 1 27 1 )( 43 . 0 )( 57 . 0 ( + 3. At a 5% level of significance, the appropriate conclusion is 4. For this study 0.5172 is a:
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5. The rescuing of 33 miners trapped in a Chilean mine for 69 days captured the world’s attention. The lead driller, Jeff Hart, and his team were from Colorado, USA. Suppose you are interested in finding out if the percent of Americans who know about Jeff Hart is higher than 10%. (He and his team are national heroes in Chile.) The type of hypothesis test you would use is: A. single proportion B. two independent means; student t-distribution C. single mean D. two population proportions; normal distribution Questions 6 - 8 refer to the following. A survey of 91 people was done to see if there was a difference between their right arm and left arm readings for systolic blood pressure. The survey found an average difference of 2.4 mm Hg with a standard deviation of 5.4. At a 5% level of significance, is there a difference in systolic blood pressure measurements where the differences were computed as “right arm systolic minus left arm systolic”?
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