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ECE 366 Homework Nos. 6 & 7 COVERAGE Summer Semester, 2011 These solutions are compiled approximately in the order of topic coverage. It would be better to study them in the order given. HW # WEB PROBLEM TOPIC 6 58 DT systems (time domain) 6 59* DT (linear) convolution 6 63* DT impulse response and frequency response 6 85 DTFT direct computation 6 73 DTFT spectra 6 77* DTFT computation, spectra, system frequency response 6 74 DFT rel'n to DTFT – basic form 7 78 DTFT properties - shift (a), DFT properties –
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Unformatted text preview: circular shift (b) 7 68* DFT frequency resolution 7 72* DTFT spectra (a,b), DFT resolution incl'g zero-padding (c) 7 75, 81 Convolution using DTFT (linear convolution) and DFT (circular convolution) 7 89 DFT properties (symmetry) 7 90 DFT properties (various) 7 92 DFT-based convolution *Previous exam problems or very similar to problems that have appeared on exams....
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