Family and Childcare Issues

Family and Childcare Issues - 1 Family and Childcare Issues...

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1 Family and Childcare Issues for Single Heads of Households Harold Jackson, Jr. October 10, 2011
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2 Throughout America, our country’s children along with their families are dealing with a crisis more and more each day. More and more American children are being born into single parent households. The crisis is not the fact of the children having only one parent in the household but the disparaging numbers in reference to the economics in relation to the childcare that these children are receiving. 21 million plus children are being raised by one parent today in America, with America having somewhere around 300 million plus citizens, that’s a large mass and makes for some scary facts that shouldn’t be taken lightly. (SingleSpouse, 2008) Since the landscape of the traditional family structure is ever-changing, more accommodations should be made by our government to assist single heads of household with their childcare issues. Given the state of our economy and an overwhelming uncertainty of its future, single parents should be given more options for assistance than what is currently available. According to the National Center for
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Family and Childcare Issues - 1 Family and Childcare Issues...

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