MGT 415 - WK 3 Quiz - 1 What are some examples of...

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1. What are some examples of widespread oppression? slavery apartheid genocide all of the above 2. How many “bases” of power are there? 2 6 4 8 3. Growth takes ____________, not ____________. leadership, management management, leadership innate abilities, inborn abilities telling, selling 4.__________ are your ability to help the group achieve its goals and maintain effective working relationships among members. managing skills leadership skills following skills hindering skills
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5.Rex is in a high-level management position at his company. He believes that he was born with the capacity to influence others, and that his innate social abilities have led to his success on the job. What approach to power does Rex’s opinion exemplify? inborn influence social exchange trait-power trait-factor 6. Alina is the leader of a small group. She is usually considerate, encouraging, and engaged with the other members of the group and the decisions that are made. Occasionally though, she lets the group make decisions without her. Alina’s leadership
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MGT 415 - WK 3 Quiz - 1 What are some examples of...

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