Pornography paper - In this day and age, men, women and...

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In this day and age, men, women and children live amongst a culture in which pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry. Unlike years before where it was hidden and kind of kept on hush, pornography is easily accessbile. There are bookstores, television and most of all the internet. The intenet has now become a firsthand “Internet is now a primary source of pornography because it offers accessibility, affordability, and anonymity to consumers.”(Mark L., 2011) because of this children can develop deviant sexual behavior from viewing Internet pornography. It can also lead to sexual addiction and unacceptable sexual behavior in adults. A child's repetitive involvement with pornography can be a symptom of an unhappy home; they need love and attention from their parents therefore responsibility of parents to educate their children about sexuality, they should know how to talk to their children about this kind of issue, and the parents should be more affectionate and appreciative in everything that his/her children do and let them know how much you love them and that you are willing to listen to them. Parents are responsible who want to instill in their children the values about relationships, sex, intimacy, love, and marriage. Unfortunately, the powerful irresponsible messages of pornography may be educating our children on
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Pornography paper - In this day and age, men, women and...

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