Week 1 Assignment - Chapter 1 Text Practice Quiz Questions...

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Chapter 1 Text Practice Quiz Questions Question 4- Describe the steps in the scientific method. 1. Ask questions about what has been observed. Ask How, What, When, Who, Which, Why or Where. 2. Propose a hypothesis, a testable explanation. - State your hypothesis in a way that you can easily measure, Your hypothesis should be constructed in a way to help you answer your original question. 3. Develop a test of the hypothesis and predict the result that would indicate your hypothesis was correct 4. Gather data from your test - Once your experiment is complete, collect your measurements and analyze them to see if your hypothesis is true or false. 5. Interpret your results- Communicate results to others in a final report. Question 8- Distinguish between utilitarian conservation and biocentric preservation. The first principle of conservation is development and use of the natural resources now existing on this continent for the benefit of the people who live here now. Preservation emphasizes the fundamental right of other organisms and nature to exist and pursue their own interests. Name two environmental leaders associated with each of these philosophies. Question 11- Describe some signs of hope in overcoming global environmental problems. There’s more production of electric cars and in relation to that consumers with traditional cars are becoming more aware of gas mileage. Also electric generators that are powered by wind are more prevalent. Homes are being lit by more energy efficient lighting (LED).
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Week 1 Assignment - Chapter 1 Text Practice Quiz Questions...

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