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Laboratory 5: Polluters in Your Community This lab activity follows up on this week’s discussion topics and gives you an  opportunity to consider polluters in your community. For this Lab, complete the  following: 1. Visit www.scorecard.org and/or www.epa.gov 2. Identify the top five polluters and the top five chemicals released in your county. 3. Determine the number of Superfund sites in your area. 4. Based on the information you find on these sites, list five ways that you can take action in your community. Polluters- 1. GM MLCG Doraville Assembly Facility 2. Arch Wood Protection Inc. 3. 4. Trojan Battery, Co. 5. Atlanta Marble Mfg. Inc. Chemicals-
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Xylene (mixed isomers) 2. 1,2,4 – Trimethylbenzene 3. W- Butyl Alcohol 4. GLYCOL ETHERS 5. TOLUENE There are 10% superfund sites in my area. 1. I can email the EPA and complain about the pollution problem being caused by the businesses. 2. I can join an online discussion and talk with other members of my community regarding a resolution to the unhealthy surroundings. 3. I can volunteer to clean up potential hazardous wastes. 4. Contact my local government officials to address the problems I have in my area. 5. Coordinate with others in my area to fight and voice my opinion against future businesses being placed in my area that will contribute to the ongoing pollutants....
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