BRAE 236 Field Trip

BRAE 236 Field Trip - Brad Rogers BRAE 236 Field Trip...

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Brad Rogers BRAE 236 Field Trip Report 10-30-11 On October 20 2011, the BRAE 236 class traveled on a bus to and from Monterey County, stopping along the way to look at different types of irrigation and water delivery systems. Franklin Gaudi was our field trip guide and offered information about the systems we stopped to look at. The class also spoke with several people who were professionals in their field of expertise. They gave us insight into the practices of irrigation and water treatment. The first place the BRAE 236 class stopped was at the Lake Nacimiento Dam. The Nacimiento Dam is about 1600 feet long and the elevation of the spillway is around 800 feet. The crest of the dam is at about 825 feet. The Nacimiento Dam has an inflatable Obermeyer gate that inflates and gives the dam an extra seventeen feet of flood control. The Lake is currently at about eighty five percent capacity and hasn’t reached one hundred percent capacity since last winter. The lake at capacity holds about 378,000 Acre-feet, which belongs to Monterey County even though the lake is located in San Luis Obispo County. San Luis Obispo purchases 17,500 Acre-feet from Monterey County each year and that feeds the cities as you travel down US 101 and it eventually flows into the Salinas River. Before going to Scheid Vineyards we stopped and looked at an orchard that was irrigated with sprinklers. We discussed the spacing of the sprinklers and why someone would space them that way. The sprinklers sprayed in all 360 degrees and were spaced every other tree in a row and every other column. The sprinklers were offset from each other in a checker board type layout. We discussed how this might be a way to get a good distribution uniformity because the sprinklers would cover the all the ground equally. Scheid Vineyards was the class’s next official stop and here we met
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BRAE 236 Field Trip - Brad Rogers BRAE 236 Field Trip...

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