Lab 1 Irrigation System Tour

Lab 1 Irrigation System Tour - Brad Rogers BRAE 236 Lab 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Brad Rogers BRAE 236 Lab 1 9-24-11 The first lab for BRAE 236 consisted of touring the Irrigation Practice Field and performing four different tasks and taking measurements. The different irrigation systems that we toured included; a border strip that used an alfalfa valve to irrigate it, several furrows that used surface irrigation, some hand move sprinklers, and a drip irrigation system. Station one and two in the irrigation tour were the border strip and furrow. For these stations our lab irrigated the field and measured the advance of the flooding throughout the border strip and furrow every five minutes. Once the water reached the end of the border strip or furrow our lab measured the recession of the water in five minute increments until the water had been absorbed into the field. See graph for data. Furrow irrigation uses large quantities of water and if you wanted irrigate a single inch you would be able to, but distribution uniformity would be terrible if your furrow had any length...
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