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Lab 2 Flow Rate Measurement

Lab 2 Flow Rate Measurement - Every different type of...

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Brad Rogers Ms. Orvis Lab 02 10-3-11 Summary of Notable Findings In lab 2 we looked at several types of weirs and flumes, and took flow rate measurements on each of them. We used several types of measurements for each of the weirs and flumes. We used an ITRC weir stick as well as a meter stick, which we measured while it was parallel to the water as well as perpendicular to the water.
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Unformatted text preview: Every different type of measurement we took, for the most part, produced a flow rate that was different from the actual flow rate, and different from the other flow rate measurements we recorded. The flow rates varied and were off by anywhere from 3-33% when compared to the replogle flume. Group Brad Rogers* Weston Soto Patrick Mcgurvey David Pezzini Lucas Hoffmann...
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