Lab 3 Basic Pipeline Hydraulics

Lab 3 Basic Pipeline Hydraulics - Brad Rogers BRAE 236 Ms...

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Brad Rogers BRAE 236 Ms. Orvis 10-11-11 Lab 03 Basic Pipeline Hydraulics During lab three our group assembled one hundred feet of PVC pipe and simulated a water supply flow through it. Our design had seven different turning points where we used right angle elbow joints in order to change the direction of the flow. Our first design started and ended at the same elevation so that elevation was not a factor in the pressure readings. The second design was with the end of the pipe ten feet four inches higher in elevation than the beginning of the pipe. As far as the construction of the PVC pipe our group did not experience any problems putting it together, there were no leaks or design issues that would have affected our readings. Our group assembled our PVC design with the requirements of using six different changes in the direction of the water, it had to be 100 feet, and that the start and end of our PVC pipe had to be at the same elevation. In order to put our design together we used PVC pipe
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