Lab 5 Soil-Plant Water Determintation

Lab 5 Soil-Plant Water Determintation - Brad Rogers...

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Brad Rogers Franklin Gaudi BRAE 236 Lab #5 Soil/Plant Water Determination Lab In this lab we used several techniques to determine the moisture content of soil. We learned that there is no single correct way to get the moisture of a soil. There is always going to be variations in a field, but the more information we get the better chance we are going to have of finding an irrigation schedule that best maximizes the water use. The first method that we did was the leaf bomb. We did this method in the classroom and we found that one of the leafs from outside the classroom had a tension of -12 Bars. In most cases this means the plant is experiencing stress. The guess that this plant is experiencing stress is probably correct because there hasn’t been a large rain in a about a month and there is no source of water for the tree to pull from. The second method we used in the field and it was the “feel and appearance” method. With this method we took several soil samples from different depths of the field and we looked
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