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Conclusion My bridge failed from both fastener failure and glue failure mainly. The bridge was able to support up to eight hundred and seventy four pounds before it failed. This was a bit lower than most of the bridges that were tested by the Baldwin testing machine. My screws were put in a spot where they were able to pull out pretty easily and once they did the bridge failed pretty quickly. I think that if my screws were put in a spot where they would not pull out so easily there would have been a large increase in the amount of weight that it could hold. Some things that I would do differently now looking back on how mine was built and how some of the ones that held more weight were built is that I would have changed the height
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Unformatted text preview: of the gap in the middle of the wood. I would have made the gap slightly smaller so that not quite so much pressure was applied to the ends of the wood where the screws were. I would have also changed the spot where my screws were put in. I attached them to the ends in a very small piece of wood where they only had to pull through about a quarter inch of wood to come out. The very last thing I would change is that I would have not used glue to attach the pieces of wood together. The glue just held them together so that they would separate, it really didn’t offer a whole lot of support from the pressure....
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