BRAE 129 Procedure

BRAE 129 Procedure - items listed above. Your job is to...

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Procedure You will be given the following materials (1) 1” x 2” x 14” clear redwood (1) 2” x 14” 20 gauge galvanized sheet metal (2) 6” zip ties (36”) nylon baler twine (4) jumbo paper clips With these materials your job will be to construct a bridge that is a minimum of 12¼” long. The bridge can be built with as much of the items listed or above or with only a few of the
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Unformatted text preview: items listed above. Your job is to make the bridge as strong as possible with the materials your given. It will be tested with a Baldwin Testing Machine which can provide up to 30 tons of pressure to your bridge. The goal is to build the bridge that can support the most amount of weight or pressure from the Baldwin Machine....
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