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Testing Our job was to build a bridge that could hold the most amount of weight from the Baldwin Testing machine as possible. There were several different designs that people used to build their bridges and some of them worked well while others cracked or were destroyed with very little pressure from the machine. All of the bridges did support more weight than a regular piece of wood would have been able to support with nothing added to it. The Baldwin Testing machine can produce up to thirty tons of pressure to the object put inside of it. My personal bridge that I built was able to support up to eight hundred and seventy four pounds of pressure from the machine. When my bridge reached its load capacity it failed in a few different ways. The largest way in which my bridge failed was fastener failure. The screws which held the wood of my bridge to the metal along the bottom ended up pulling out and then it collapsed with ease.
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Unformatted text preview: A second way in which my bridge failed was that the glue that held the top two parts of wood together pulled apart with ease once the screws pulled out of the bottom. The bridges were mainly built with the same general design for the most part. The main design was the wood on top with nothing in the middle and the metal along the bottom. The thing that really made the difference in how much weight the bridges held was how the metal was attached to the wood. The screws pulled out of a lot of the bridges and that caused a lot of them to fail. When the screws where strategically put into the wood and metal so that it was very difficult for them fail was when you saw a higher amount of pressure before the bridge failed. The metal can hold a lot more pressure than the wood, so when the metal was still attached to the wood it was able to hold a lot more weight before it failed from something else....
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