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Brad Rogers Professor Truelsen English 134 15 February 2010 The discussion of guns and gun control is a debate that is very sensitive and tends to become heated very quickly. There are many facts that can be used to either show gun control is good or that it is bad. There are many facts that point to gun control being something that hurts the American people rather than help them; however there are situations in which a gun could have saved many lives. Many people say that guns are dangerous and that they can only cause harm. Guns are something that gives the American people the comfort of safety in their homes
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Unformatted text preview: and in their daily lives. People argue that guns kill people but in the book Guns, Crime, and Freedom , Tom LaPierre talks about the statistics of guns and their danger to society and comes to the conclusion that they are something that helps the public, not hurt it. Tom LaPierre interviews people, looks at studies done on criminals who use guns, and focuses on what it is the U.S. Constitution really means in the second amendment. LaPierre, Tom. Guns, Crime, and Freedom . Washington D.C.: Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1994....
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