English 134 Essay 1

English 134 Essay 1 - I thought that my first essay was...

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I thought that my first essay was pretty easy to write. It is not perfect by far, but it was an easier essay to write because it was about me and writing in my life. It’s is about the person who has affected my writing the most in my life. I had a somewhat easy time coming up with what I wanted to say in my essay. I thought that I did a decent job of presenting it in the essay. The essay could definitely use some work in the area of a conclusion. The conclusion doesn’t flow as well as it could with the rest of the essay. I also felt somewhat repetitive in my essay with the things I said. However I felt that I did well in the introduction of the essay. The introduction is definitely the strongest point of my essay followed by my body paragraphs and then the conclusion.
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Brad Rogers Mindy Truelsen English 134-24 7 January 2010 Writer’s History Sitting in a classroom with students sitting all around me, my teacher begins to describe how to write an essay. The way he told us to write an essay was something that I had never been taught before. He tells us that we do not have to write in the five paragraph essay format; in fact he tells us that there are many better ways to write essays than the classic five paragraph essay that I had been taught by every teacher since grade school. This teacher was responsible for one of the
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English 134 Essay 1 - I thought that my first essay was...

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