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English 134 Essay II

English 134 Essay II - Rogers Brad Rogers Professor...

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Rogers Brad Rogers Professor Truelsen English 134 24 January 2010 The Rocket Scientist There’s a large metal object sitting in the middle of a yard, it’s circular in parts but blocky shaped in others. A man says “five, four, three, two, one, go”, out of nowhere a large flame shoots out of the object and there is a noise that can be heard for miles all around. The flame and noise both last for a few minutes before they die out. The cause of all this commotion was a rocket engine that was testing fuel that had been made by the chemists working for the company AeroJet. My father, Robert Rogers, worked as one of these chemists for over thirteen years and helped to create the rocket fuel used in a test like this, which were then used in a missile engine or space shuttle booster. His job was one that required precision, attention to detail, and concentration. Testing rockets requires a written report after each test, along with pictures to back up the report. My father’s job matched his personality and in a way made his personality even stronger than it was before. Creating rocket fuel was dangerous and required the ability to doing everything perfectly; there was no room for error. The company my father worked for created several different types of engines and fuels. He helped to create air to air, surface to air, and ship to air missile engines. He also helped with the rocket boosters for launching satellites. My father also helped to produce the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile engines which were designed for carrying nuclear warheads across the ocean to an enemy country. “Since the end of the cold war there has not been nearly as many Intercontinental Ballistic Missile engines made” my father told me. My father liked his job
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Rogers because of the all of the technology that was involved. He tells me he has always been “the guy who likes to have the latest and greatest gadget”. This job fit him well because they were using the top of the line equipment and they were creating rocket engines that were top of the line.
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English 134 Essay II - Rogers Brad Rogers Professor...

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