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Rogers Brad Rogers Professor Truelsen English 134 22 February 2010 Gun Control From the time of the United States founding fathers to the times of today, guns have been something that have given citizens protection and comfort in their daily lives. The founding fathers of the United States thought that the right of the citizen to own and bear arms was so important, that they put it into the Bill of Rights. The second amendment of the constitution has been upheld since it was written and ratified in 1791 Since the writing of the Bill of Rights, through today, the second amendment of the United States Constitution been upheld . Gun control is a violation of our natural born right as United States citizens to keep and bear arms as well as a violation of our safety in our daily lives. The thought of gun control is that if we limit what guns citizens can own and who owns them, there would be a decrease in crimes involving a gun. While this idea seems like a good one at first, you have to think of the application of gun control in a real world situation. The fact is that gun control only works in a perfect world, not a real one. In the real world, only law abiding citizens are going to be the ones who are limited in what guns they can own or cannot own, this hurts the people who are responsible and shoot guns for sport. Criminals by their very definition do not follow the law and gun control takes effect in the form of laws. Allowing people to own and bear arms guns gives them the comfort to know that they have protection against people who do not abide by the law. Guns are a deterrent to criminals, and help to keep them from hurting good people.
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Rogers The United States Constitution was written and ratified in 1792 , and since then, citizens have been able to protect their homes and deter criminals . Gun control advocates often argue that the times and conditions under which the Constitution was written are not the same as they are today and that there is no longer a need for the everyday citizen to own a gun. A lot has changed since the time when the U.S. Constitution was written and we do live in different times; however guns are still a necessity for the everyday citizen. Times change, people in general stay the same. There were bad people and criminals back in the time of our founding fathers and there are bad people and criminals in the world of today. The need for protection of one’s home is something that will always be needed and the only thing that the everyday citizen can do to protect their homes, for sure, is to be in possession of a gun. A gun is something that you can rely on for protection, our founding fathers knew that when they wrote the U.S. Constitution.
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English 134 Essay III - Rogers Brad Rogers Professor...

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