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Brad Rogers Professor Truelsen English 134 9 February 2010 The Proposal The right to bear arms is a right that every United States citizen is born with, and it should not be infringed, gun control limits and violates our second amendment rights as well as keeps law abiding citizens from protecting their homes. The topic of gun control is what I will be arguing in my sequence three essay. A point that I could bring up is that gun control violates our second amendment rights and is unconstitutional. Another point that I could bring is that gun control is a good thing that helps good people to protect themselves and their homes from criminals and other dangers. Gun control only keeps guns out of the hands of good people. There are many good arguments for the right to bear arms, however there are a few holes in the argument that can be exploited.
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Unformatted text preview: The first is that guns are very dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. The second solid argument is that there is efficient way to determine who is responsible enough to own a gun. These arguments are difficult to argue against but it is still very possible to win the debate even if they are brought up. There are many statistics and facts that are related to guns and gun control since it is such a controversial issue. I could pull facts from books, articles, surveys, and data. I would use non-biased sources to persuade my audience. My audience would primarily be people opposed to the right to bear arms and are for gun control. Gun control advocates are a very difficult audience to persuade because they tend to feel very strongly towards their beliefs in guns and who should or should not have them....
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