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Soil Science Reallocation of Water

Soil Science Reallocation of Water - Brad Rogers SS 121 26...

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Brad Rogers SS 121 26 October 2009 The article I read was about the reallocation of water in California. The paper is arguing that we should send more of our water to places where there is high-tech industry is because there are more people there who need water. The paper is arguing that since in farming community a 1000 acre feet of water only supports eight people, we should reallocate the water to places of high-tech industry because that much water would take care of 17,000 people. However, according to the website ( http://features.csmonitor.com/environment/2009/02 / 26/drought-hits-california-farmers-hard/ ) by cutting water to meet only 15% of water requests of farmers it will put 70,000 people out of a job and 847,000 acres will go unplanted this year. I thought the article “Rise Above Tradition” was very one sided and did not even try to see it from the farmers point of view. The paper did not discuss what would happen to them when they cut the allocation of water down. It just talked about how good it would be for the people who live in the high-tech industry.
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