Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS Chapter Outline CHAPTER...

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Unformatted text preview: CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS Chapter Outline CHAPTER 9: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, MOTIVATION, AND LABOR-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS Opening Chapter Page Chapter 9 gives an overview of human resource management and the responsibilities of its managers in planning for a firms staffing needs. The definition of managementthe use of people and other resources to accomplish organizational objectivesrefers to the importance of people to an organization. Chapter 9 addresses the critical issues of human resource management and motivation. It starts by explaining how organizations attract, develop, and retain employees. It reviews the processes of recruitment and selection, as well the concepts involved in training and evaluating performance. The options involved in compensation and benefits packages are then detailed, as well as the realities of employee separation and the impact of downsizing and outsourcing. The chapter then explores the concepts behind motivation and the way human resource managers apply these ideas to increase employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. The chapter closes with a detailed discussion of labor unions and the legislation that affects labor- management relations, as well as the process of collective bargaining and other tools used by unions and management to reach their goals. Learning Goal 1: Explain the importance of human resource management, the responsibilities of human resource managers, and the role of human resource planning in an organizations competitive strategy. Key Terms management / human resource management / human resource plans Class Notes / Lecture Outline Chapter Opening Opening vignette Massey Energy: Mining for 79 Employees. Discuss the shortage of labor faced by the mining industry. What other industries have struggled to keep their work population up? Basic PowerPoint 1 Expanded PowerPoint 1 1. Human resource management is vital to all organizations Basic PowerPoint 2 Expanded PowerPoint 2 a. Management is the use of people and other resources to accomplish organizational objectives b. Most organizations place considerable importance on human resource management c. Human resource management is the function of attracting, developing, and retaining enough qualified employees to perform the activities necessary to accomplish objectives d. Five core responsibilities of human resource managers: Figure 9.1 Human Resource Management Responsibilities. How does a good HR manager find strong employees and keep them satisfied? How might this role vary, based on type of work skills needed,...
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Chapter 9 - CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS Chapter Outline CHAPTER...

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