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1.A closed system of blood vessels that transports blood away from the heart to the body's tissues and back to the heart refers to the ____. 2.Microscopic vessels designed to exchange nutrients and wastes between blood and tissue fluid around the cells are known as ____. 3.Describe the layers of an artery from inner to outer layers? 4.What are the characteristics of a vein? 5.Which statement concerning blood pressure is NOT correct? 6.Which structure supplies the myocardium with oxygenated blood? 7.Which artery is one of the three major branches of the aortic arch? 8.The aorta bifurcates at the level of the fourth lumbar vertebra into the right and left ____ arteries. 9.Which arteries supply the pelvis and perineum with blood? 10.Superficial blood supply to the head and neck is supplied from which artery? 11.Which arteries communicate with the basilar artery to form the circle of Willis? 12.What arteries supply blood to the spinal cord and its meninges? 13.Which veins receive blood from the brain, meninges, and deeper regions of the face and neck? 14.Which vein travels along the lateral side of the arm from the hand to the shoulder, eventually emptying into the axillary vein? 15.Which is the longest vein in the body? 16.The anterior and posterior tibial veins unite to form the ____ vein. 17. Claudication is the term used to refer to ____. 18.What are arterial embolisms? 19.Most ________________ aneurysms arise _______________ the level of the renal arteries. 20.Endarterectomy is performed to ___________________ of an artery. 21.Which graft requires preclotting by the surgical team? 22.For an aortofemoral bypass, how is the patient prepped? What is used to access the artery?
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23.Delicate polypropylene sutures can be tagged with a ____. 24.A Dietrich set includes items such as ____. 25.The typical suture gauge for a femoral vascular anastomosis is ____. 26.Which procedure includes a prep from midabdomen to toes, with the affected leg prepped circumferentially? 27.Why is papaverine used? Heparin? Avitene? Thrombin?
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ch23hw - 1.A closed system of blood vessels that transports...

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