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Conflicts in Healthc - Running head CONFLICTS IN HEALTHCARE...

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Running head: CONFLICTS IN HEALTHCARE 1 Conflicts in Healthcare Joann E. Myers HCA 240 May 15, 2011 Chong Daleiden
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CONFLICTS IN HEALTHCARE 2 Conflicts in Healthcare By its nature, health care is thought to be a caring profession, dedicated to assisting their patients in maintain and attaining a high level of wellness. The list of cultural issues in health care expands on a daily basis. Technology has provided the means to extend the life cycle beyond points that were once thought to be finite. Unfortunately, there are instances when a patients’ cultural beliefs interfere with what their health care providers believe is the best plan of action according to modern medicine and machines. Most states have laws in place that give a competent person the right to determine the course of their medical care, even if their personal choice is viewed as wrong or “unacceptable” and could even result in their death. There are provisions ing the AHA Patient Bill of Rights that give the patient the right to refuse treatment. A patient may even refuse any aspect of care, even care that could cure a disease. Aeger primo , the patient first, and Primum non nocere , first-do no harm, are the basic tenets of health care in general, as well as the health care profession. Whether therapeutic, palliative, or interventive in nature, the overall intent of any procedure is intended to assist the
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Conflicts in Healthc - Running head CONFLICTS IN HEALTHCARE...

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