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HIPAA1 - vague and confusing for many who travel HIPAA was...

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Running head: HIPAA 1 HIPAA Joann Myers HCA 230 April 14, 2011 Chong Daleiden
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HIPAA 2 HIPAA When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), was passed in the Senate by a unanimous vote it showed that the country was concerned about their health care and wanted to protect themselves, which is something HIPAA started out doing. HIPAA was favored by many because it prohibited employees from limiting or denying employee coverage under the company plan because of a pre-existing condition, thereby helping many obtain health insurance. Unfortunately HIPAA has been revisited several times and thanks to lobbyist from the big health corporations, the wording was reworked, essentially giving health care providers the right to share your information without your consent. HIPAA provided more than ten years to enable a national provider identifier and database and has failed to do so. HIPAA has also failed to provide a privacy ceiling, instead leaving the final decisions up to each State which can be to
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Unformatted text preview: vague and confusing for many who travel. HIPAA was beneficial in establishing a database for providers could check current coverage electronically, eliminating the risk of providing care for a patient and learning later that their coverage had lapsed or expired. Another benefit to the electronic database is the reduction in the number of denied claims, providers could immediately see if a procedure was covered. Overall, I believe the original concept of HIPAA was a great idea, however, over the years big insurance companies and their lobbyist have worked hard to get the language changed giving more power to big brother and less to the people. When I, as a mother am told that I cannot stay with my seven year old son while he gets his cavity filled because it violates HIPAA, that is entirely too drastic....
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HIPAA1 - vague and confusing for many who travel HIPAA was...

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