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1. What feedback did you receive from your instructor? Revamp my introduction to make it flow better. Preview the main points so the reader can have a better understanding of what is to come. In the conclusion, I should not introduce new facts, but highlight main points so the reader takes more away from the paper. Your answer. ... I will rewrite my introduction so it gives the reader a better insight into what exactly the paper is about. I will also revamp the conclusion and take out the new facts and incorporate them into the paper and not give new information at the end. I will try to give the reader something to remember once they are done reading the paper. 2. from the peer reviewer? They thought more examples of facial procedures, as well as facts about each would be nice to read about. I did not cite anything in my paper. They thought there were a lot of complex terms used, although they were explained, it made for difficult reading. Your answer.
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