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ANAT 2626 Pharyngeal Arch (Dr. John Romfh)

ANAT 2626 Pharyngeal Arch (Dr. John Romfh) - to the...

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Pharyngeal Arch Number Nerve Muscles Bony Artery 1 “Meckel” Maxillary Mandibular Muscles of Mastication Mylohyoid Anterior Belly of Digastric Tensor Palatini Tensor Tympani Premaxilla Maxilla Zygomatic Mandible Malleus Incus Anterior Ligament of Malleus Sphenomandibular Ligament Maxillary 2. Hyoid or Reichert Facial Muscles of facial expression Posterior belly of digastric Stylohyoid Stapedius Stapes Styloid process Lesser portion of body of hyoid Stylohyoid Ligament Hyoid and Stapedial 3. Glossopharyngeal Stylopharyngeus Greater horn and lower portion of body of hyoid Common carotid and 1 st part of the internal carotid 4. Superior Laryngeal Cricothyroid Levator Palatini Constrictors of Pharynx Laryngeal Cartilages Left: Arch of Aorta from the left common carotid
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Unformatted text preview: to the subclavian artery Right: Proximal portion right subclavian artery 6 Recurrent Laryngeal Intrinsic muscles of Larynx Left: Pulmonary arteryand Ductus arteriosus Right: Right Pulmonary Artery Pouches Membrane Clefts 1. Tubotympanic Recess Tympanic Cavity (middle ear) Auditory tube (eustachian tube) Eardrum External auditory meatus 2. Palatine tonsil Tonsilar Fossa 3. Dorsal part: inferior parathyroid gland Ventral part: Thymus 4. Dorsal part: superior parathyroid gland Ventral part: ultimobrachial body (parafollicular or C cells of thyroid gland. Secrete calcitonin) 5. Becomes part of the 4 th Helps to form the ultimobrachial body...
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