Oral - ORAL 1. Roof oral cavity formed by palate,...

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ORAL 1. Roof oral cavity formed by palate, posteriorly oral cavity communicates with orpharynx? Oral cavity proper 2. Nerve supply by infraorbital nerve, branch of maxillary nerve? Upper lip 3. Supplied by inferior labial artery and mental artery, nerve supply by mental nerve branch of inferior alveolar nerve? Lower lip 4. Principal muscle of cheek? Buccinators 5. Nerve supply of teeth? Superior alveolar nerve (branch maxillary), inferior alveolar nerve (branch mandibular) 6. Palatine processes of maxilla, horizontal plates of palatine bone? Hard palate 7. Transmits nasopalatine nerves? Incisive fossa of maxilla 8. Conical process hanging from posteroinferior end of soft palate? Uvula 9. Formed by expanded tendon of tensor veli palatini which strengthens soft palate? Palatine aponeurosis 10. Masses of lymphoid tissue, one on each side of oropharynx? Palatine tonsils 11. Mucous secreting glands deep to mucosa? Palatine glands 12. Origin tensor veli palatini? Scaphoid fossa of medial pterygoid plate, spine of sphenoid bone, cartilage of auditory tube 13. Insertion? Palatine aponeurosis 14. Nerve supply? Nerve to medial pterygoid branch of mandibular nerve via otic ganglion 15. Action? Opens mouth of auditory tube during swallowing and yawning 16. Origin levator veli palatini? Cartilage of auditory tube, petrous part of temporal bone 17. Insertion? Palatine aponeurosis 18. Nerve supply? Pharyngeal branch of vagus nerve, via pharyngeal plexus 19. Action? Elevate soft palate during swallowing and yawning 20. Origin palatoglossus? Palatine aponeurosis 21. Insertion? Side of tongue
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Oral - ORAL 1. Roof oral cavity formed by palate,...

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