Orbit - ORBIT Lara Kile 1. Superior wall (roof) of orbit...

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ORBIT Lara Kile 1. Superior wall (roof) of orbit formed by? Orbital part of frontal and lesser wing of sphenoid. 2. Medial wall formed by? Orbital plate of ethmoid bone, frontal process of maxilla, lacrimal and sphenoid bones. 3. Inferior wall formed by? Maxilla, zygomatic and palatine bones. 4. Lateral wall formed by? Frontal process of zygomatic bone, and greater wing of the sphenoid bone. 5. Where is the apex of the orbit? Optic canal 6. What lines the bones of the orbit, which forms the fascial sheath of the eyeball? Periorbita (periosteum of the orbit). 7. Purpose of eyelids? When closed, protect eyeball from injury and excessive light. Also keep cornea moist by spreading lacrimal fluid. 8. What is conjunctival sac? Space bound by palpebral and bulbar conjunctivae. 9. Tarsal plates? Are superior and inferior, form the skeleton of the eyelids. 10. Tarsal glands? Lipid secretion of which lubricates the edges of the eyelids and prevents them from sticking together when they close. 11. Large sebaceous glands? Ciliary glands 12. Fibrous membrand that spans from the tarsal plates to the margins of the orbit? Orbital septum 13. Lacrimal apparatus consists of? Lacrimal gland secretes the lacrimal fluid (tear), nasolacrimal duct conveys the lacrimal fluid to the nasal cavity (inferior meatus of the nose) 14. Nerve supply of the lacrimal gland? Presynaptic parasympathetic secretomotor fibers to the lacrimal gland are conveyed from the facial nerve by the greater petrosal nerve. 15. Origin of levator palpabrae superioris? Lesser wing of sphenoid bone 16. Insertion of levator palpabrae superioris? Into the superior tarsus, skin of superior eyelid. 17. Nerve supply of levator palpabrae superioris? Oculomotor 18. Superior tarsal muscle? Is the deep lamina of the distal (palpebral) part of the levator palpabrae superioris muscle, includes smooth muscle fibers. Nerve supply? Sympathetic fibers. 19. Origin superior oblique? Body of sphenoid bone 20. Insertion superior oblique? Sclera deep to superior rectus muscle, its tendon passes through a fibrous ring (trochlea) 21. Nerve supply superior oblique? Trochlear
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Orbit - ORBIT Lara Kile 1. Superior wall (roof) of orbit...

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