ANAT 2626 Final Questions 1

ANAT 2626 Final Questions 1 - Gross Questions 1. What is...

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Gross Questions 1. What is the only muscle to depress the mandible - Lateral Pterygoid Muscle 2. What runs on the massetter, pierces the buccinator and attatches to the second molar - Parotid Duct 3. What nerve runs inbetween the 2 heads of the Lateral Pterygoid Muscles - Buccal nerve 4. What gives taste sensations to the anterior 2/3 of the tongue - Chorda Tympani (facial nerve VIA chorda tympani) 5. The Tonsillor Bed is the remnant of this pharyngeal arch - 2 nd 6. Cranial Nerve 1 nerves are found on this bone in the skull - Ethmoid 7. This nerve exits through the Foramen Ovale? - Mandibular Nerve V3 8. The tough thick external fibrous layer of the scalp is comprised of this layer - Dura Mater 9. The interal Jugular Vein is formed from this sinus? - Sigmoid Sinus 10. What cranial nerve is located on the Pons? - Trigeminal 11. What Cranial Nerve(s) are located on the midbrain? - Occulomotor, Trochlear 12. Easy- What nerve innervated the muscles of the face? - Facial 13. What gives rise to the Pterygopalantine Ganglion? - maxillary nerve off the trigeminal 14. What cranial nerve derives from the mesoderm of the 2 nd pharyngeal arch? - Facial 15. What artery emerges on the face between the TMJ and the Auricle? - superficial temporal
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16. The Retromandibular Vein + Posterior Auricular Vein make up the… - External Jugular Vein 17. What innervates the Parotid Sheath?
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ANAT 2626 Final Questions 1 - Gross Questions 1. What is...

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