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Gross – Head neck final 1. which cranial nerves go to the ear? – facial, trigeminal mandible branch 2. which reflex lost with ocular motor lesion– light reflex 3. which muscle connects coranoid process of man – temperalis 4. GVA – posterior 1/3 – glossopharngeal 5. trama to side of head may injure middle mingeal artery – blood would enter epidural 6. sinus inferior to pituitary gland, sphenoid sinus between - bone and dura 7. maxillary sinus opens – middle meatus 8. sensory fibers arising from taste buds – glossal pharyngeal 9. central artery of retina seen in eyeball enter eye – optic disk 10. innervates TMJ – ariculotemporal 11. branch of facial n cordae tempani – joins lingual 12. which is located between superior constrictor and base of skull? – pheryngo tempon tube 13. posterior sympathetic ganglion to perotid – otic ganglion 14. lost sensation in middle cranial fossa – trigeminal (is only one there) 15. which muscle doesn’t close mouth? – lateral
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