ANAT 2626 Lab List Midterm 2

ANAT 2626 Lab List Midterm 2 - Posterior Triangle Lab 19...

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Posterior Triangle Lab 19 MUSCLES Platysma m. Sternocleidomastoid m. Trapezius m. Splenius capitis m. Levator scapulae m. Scalene mm. o Anterior o Middle o Posterior Infrahyoid mm. Omohyoid m. NERVES Spinal accessory n. (CN XI) Cervical plexus o Great auricular n. o Lesser occipital n. o Transverse cervical n. o Supraclavicular nn. o Phrenic n. Brachial plexus Suprascapular n. VEINS Internal jugular v. External jugular v. o Anterior jugular v. o Jugular venous arch ARTERIES Aorta o Subclavian a. o Thyrocervical trunk Transverse cervical a. Suprascapular a. o Common carotid a. External carotid a. Occipital a. CERVICAL FASCIA Superficial cervical fascia Deep cervical fascia o Investing fascia o Pretracheal fascia o Prevertebral fascia o Carotid sheath MISCELLANEOUS Subtriangles of the posterior triangle of the neck o Supraclavicular triangle
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o Suboccipital triangle o Interscalene triangle Lab 20 Anterior and Visceral Triangles of the Neck CAROTID TRIANGLE Carotid sheath o Common carotid a. o Internal jugular v. o Vagus n. Cervical sympathetic chain External carotid a. o Ascending pharyngeal a. o Superior thyroid a. Superior laryngeal a. o Lingual a. o Facial a. o Occipital a. o Posterior auricular a. Internal carotid a. Carotid body and sinus Nerves o Hypoglossal n. o Ansa cervicalis Superior root Inferior root o Spinal accessory n. o Superior laryngeal n. Internal laryngeal n. External laryngeal n. Deep cervical lymph nodes MUSCULAR TRIANGLE Infrahyoid mm. o Sternohyoid m. o Omohyoid m. o Sternothyroid m. o Thyrohyoid m. Thyroid gland
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ANAT 2626 Lab List Midterm 2 - Posterior Triangle Lab 19...

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