ANAT 2626 Lab Structure Q&A's

ANAT 2626 Lab Structure Q&A's - HEAD & NECK...

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PART I: LAB (structures) THE ORBIT 1. What branch of the trigeminal nerve does the frontal nerve come off of? 2. What 2 nerves branch off of the frontal nerve? 3. Which one branches medially? 4. What muscle belly does the frontal nerve lie on top of? 5. Which eye muscle is innervated by the trochlear nerve? 6. What is the lateral rectus muscle innervated by? 7. T/F The levator palpebrae superioris lies superior to the superior rectus muscle. 8. Name the branches off of the nasociliary nerve. 10. What nerves arise from this structure? 11. T/F The arteries in the eye are generally named for the nerves they accompany. 12. Is the lacrimal gland is located on the MEDIAL or LATERAL side of the eye? SUPERFICIAL FACE 1. Name the muscle that elevates the nostrils & lip. (It attaches on the maxilla inferior to the 2. Which is located more medially, the Depressor Labii Inferioris or the Depressor Anguli Oris? 3. What innervates the muscles of facial expression? 4. What innervates the muscles of mastication? 5. Which is more medially located, Longus Capitis or Longus Colli? 6. The tectorial membrane is a continuation of what ligament? 7. At what spinal cord levels is it considered tectorial membrane? 8. What ligament holds the dens against the anterior arch of atlas? 9. What ligaments extend from the sides of the dens to the occipital condyles & are immediately superior to the transverse ligament? 10. This nerve emerges posterior & inferior to the TMJ & ascends posterior to the superficial
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ANAT 2626 Lab Structure Q&A's - HEAD & NECK...

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