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ANAT 2626 Midterm Class Notes 1 - Class Notes Spinal Nerve...

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Class Notes 10/2/07 Spinal Nerve Review Olfactory (Cranial Nerve 1) – Special, Visceral, Affarent (SVA) Jacobson’s Organ/Vomeronasal organ- Found in septum of the nose; referred to as cranial nerve 0. Can detect pheromones….can detect sex (I think it’s my new favorite nerve) Larger in animals Optic (Cranial Nerve 2) – Special, Somatic, Affarent (SSA) Vestibulocochlear (Cranial Nerve 8)-Special, Somatic, Affarnet (SSA)= When you can hear someone speak but don’t listen. Occulomotor (Cranial nerve 3) - Helps to voluntarily move the eye around; has 2 types of fibers in it: GSE; find out where it’s located. Also has an autonomic fiber GVE. Trochlear (Cranial Nerve 4)- Is the only cranial nerve to exit dorsally from the brain stem. Also, it is the only nerve to denisate/cross over from the right to left side. GSE fibers. Abducen (Cranial Nerve 6) -GSE The right trochlear nucleus gives the left nerves and vice verse EYE (mnemonic for extraoccular eye muscles) LR6 SO4 AO3 SO4 – Superior oblique muscle is innervated by the trochlear nerve LR6 -Lateral rectus muscle is innervated by the Abducen nerve All the rest are over 3 - If we are in the orbit and we are the skeletal muscle and we aren’t one of the two muscles above, we are innervated by the occulomotor. Hypoglossal- Motor innervation to the tongue; GSE Spinal Accessory- Innervates SCM and trapezius; originates from motor nuclei in the spinal cord and exits out the foramen magnum and then out laterally by the jugular foramen. Lies dorsal to the dentate ligament. SVE fibers!!!! It’s special b/c it exits laterally from the CNS and no other nerve does this. The muscles it innervate help to position the mouth so an individual can eat. Trigeminal- GSA (has same functional components as the dorsal root ganglion; psudounipolar ganglion). Also SVE fibers. Fibers exit laterally look in the text book he says. KNOW CHART ON PHARENGEAL ARCHES! !!!! First arch – Trigeminal nerve ; things here originate from the neural crest cells that give rise to muscles of mastication. Trigeminal has a motor component to it that allows us to open and close our jaw.(SVE fibers) Second arch – Facial nerve is nerve of this arch. GSA fibers/come from geniculate ganglion . Innervates the ear lobes. Also SVA fibers which gives taste to anterior 2/3 of tongue. GVE fibers too; innervates most of the glands of the head (autonomic) from pterygopalatine ganglion & submandibular ganglion. GVA fibers too with the superior and inferior glossopharyngeal ganglions (located on the nerves as they come out the jugular foramen.) SVE fibers as well. Muscles of facial expression are innervated by facial through these fibers. Third arch –
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ANAT 2626 Midterm Class Notes 1 - Class Notes Spinal Nerve...

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