ANAT 2626 Pharyngeal Arches 1

ANAT 2626 Pharyngeal Arches 1 - Muscle: stylopharyngeus...

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William Allen First Arch Nerve: Trigeminal (CN V) Muscles: Muscles of mastication, mylohyoid and anterior belly of digastic, tensor Tympani, tensor veli palatini. Skeletal structures: Malleus and incus Ligaments: Anterior ligament of malleus, Sphenomandibular ligament Second Arch Nerve: Facial (CN VIII) Muscles: Muscles of facial expressions, Stapedius, Stylohyoid, Posterior belly of Digastric Skeletal structures: Stapes, Styloid process, Lesser cornu of hyoid, Upper part of body of hyoid bone Ligaments: Stylohyoid ligament Third Arch Nerve: Glossopharyngeal (CN IX)
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Unformatted text preview: Muscle: stylopharyngeus Skeletal Structures: Greater cornu of hyoid, Lower part of body of hyoid bone Ligaments: NA Fourth and Sixth Arches Nerve: Superior laryngeal branch of vagus (CN X), Recurrent laryngeal branch of vagus (CN X) Muscles: Cricothyroid, Levator veli palatini, Constrictors of pharynx, Intrinsic muscles of larynx, Striated muscles of esophagus Skeletal structures: Thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, arytenoids cartilage, corniculate cartilage, cuneiform cartilage Ligaments: NA...
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