RSCH 2501 Week 1 - Aims & Goals (Read Before Week 2)

RSCH 2501 Week 1 - Aims & Goals (Read Before Week...

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RSCH 2501, Introduction to Research Methods Summer 2O1O Many, possibly most, graduate-level research methods classes are designed to teach students how to do research. In that you are enrolled in a Doctor of Chiropractic program, your needs are different – as a practicing doctor, you will be a professional consumer of research, and need to be competent in Evidence-Based Practice . Thus, the aims and goals of this class are oriented toward improving your “research
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Unformatted text preview: literacy . some fundamental principles of research critical appraisal: o study designs and research process o sources of information o claims and evidence o common statistics concepts of evidence-based practice: o clearly defined clinical questions o finding and interpreting relevant research o integrating research into practice and evaluating the results competence in discussing and defining the role of research in your discipline...
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