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RSCH 2501 Week 10 - Reading Guidelines

RSCH 2501 Week 10 - Reading Guidelines - • What devices...

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RSCH 2501 Week 10 group meeting and quiz - what to focus on The quiz will be “open notes” – bring a copy of the article! You will be expected to explain the article that you read to the other members of your group, most of whom will have read a different article. The idea is that you will understand your article better this way, and all of you will be exposed to all four of the articles. The quiz will ONLY be about the one article that you read. Some suggestions (not necessarily a complete list) : Which journal was the article published in, and when? What institution(s) are the authors associated with? Most clinical research is “hypothesis-driven”, as it seeks to answer a question or solve a problem. What was the basic question(s) for this study? Note characteristics of the people being studied (research subjects or “participants”): number, ages, gender, inclusion criteria & exclusion criteria what were they told about the study? How were measurements done?
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Unformatted text preview: • What devices were used, if any? • What was done to the participants? • Were there any special considerations involved? Any technical problems? What were the results? What statistical analyses were done? What can you say about the statistical analysis? (you’re not expected to know anything complex, but try to grasp “bottom line” facts) What validity or reliability issues were mentioned by the authors, if any? Also: • How do you think the results of the study relate to clinical practice of chiropractic (mostly a question of external validity)? • Can you identify additional questions how the study was conducted or how the results were interpreted (mostly questions of internal validity)? Does this study support (or contradict) any previous research? What were the limitations of the study? • Were there any technical problems? • Any unanswered questions? • Any cautions about interpretation of the results?...
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