RSCH 2501 Definitions Test

RSCH 2501 Definitions Test - 37 Multiple Choice Questions...

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Unformatted text preview: 37 Multiple Choice Questions 1. The ______________ of a study refers to the integrity of the experimental design. a. External validity b. Internal validity c. Validity d. Reliability 2. A problem solving approach to practice that involves the conscientious use of current best evidence in making decisions about patient care. a. Evidence-Based Decision Making b. Evidence Based Practice (EBP) c. Evidence Summaries d. Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines 3. The extent to which an experiment, test, or measuring procedure yields the same results on repeated trials under identical conditions. a. Validity b. Reliability c. Specificity d. Sensitivity 4. A longitudinal study that begins with the gathering of two groups of patients, one that receives exposure, and one that does not. These groups are followed over time (prospective) to measure the development of different outcomes. a. Case-Control Study b. Theory c. Cohort Study d. Case Study 5. Comprehensive, unbiased analysis of research findings on a specific topic which uses a strict scientific design to assess related scientific studies. a. Literature Review b. Systematic literature review c. Evidence Summaries Intro To Research Midterm Definitions - 37 Questions Quizlet NAME: ________________________ d. Integrative Literature Review 6. Systematically developed statements to assist in making decisions about care; ideally consist of a systematic review of the literature by consensus of a group of expert decision makers. a. Clinical Evidence b. Clinical Practice Guidelines c. Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines d. Consensus-based Guidelines 7. Integration of a body of research findings, including theory and statistics. a. Literature Review b. Systematic literature review c. Internal validity d. Integrative Literature Review 8. Whether or not the effects of the study are appropriate for a particular patient situation. a. Applicability of Study Findings b. Reliability (Inter-examiner) c. Reliability d. Reliability (Intra-examiner) 9. Clinical recommendations based on a wide survey of expert opinion of both research and clinical expertise....
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RSCH 2501 Definitions Test - 37 Multiple Choice Questions...

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