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TECH 2701 Midterm Key Information (With Answers)

TECH 2701 Midterm Key Information (With Answers) - Quizlet...

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44 Multiple Choice Questions 1. What year did BJ Palmer use APOM X-Rays to find laterality? (No Answer) a. 1946 b. CORRECT: 1934 c. 1932 d. MOPI 2. The ideal atlas listing. (No Answer) a. P b. Axis c. A d. CORRECT: AS 3. With a "variable" I _________ to adjust C1. (No Answer) a. Constant b. Am allowed c. CORRECT: Am only allowed d. Median line 4. ASLP and Spinous Right (No Answer) a. CORRECT: Constant b. Axis c. The One d. Pressure 5. The _______ will not carry the axis. (No Answer) a. A b. CORRECT: Atlas c. Axis Toggle Midterm - Key Information - 44 Questions Quizlet NAME: ________________________ F 0%
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d. AS 6. We use Instrumentation and Leg-Checks for what parts of MOPI? (No Answer) a. CORRECT: P and I b. M and O c. P d. MOPI 7. The ______ will carry the atlas during the actual delivery of the adjustment. (No Answer) a. APOM b. CORRECT: Axis c. AS d. Atlas 8. Gives you side of laterality (No Answer) a. CORRECT: APOM b. Axis c. A d. AS 9. X-Ray views that allow you to determine tissue pull. (No Answer) a. Asymmetry b. 3rd & 4th Letter c. CORRECT: APOM & Vertex d. Am allowed 10. The lateral part of the cord innervates the __________ of the body. (No Answer) a. Lyceum b. CORRECT: Lower Part c. The One d. Constant
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