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MICR 2533 Study Questions - Matching Match the statements...

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Matching: Match the statements in Column I to the statements in Column II. Column II statements should not be matched any more than one time to Column I statements. Column II may have some statements without a proper match in Column I. Column I Column II 1. Scolex A. Hydatid disease 2. Proglotid B. a group of proglotids 3. Fish tapeworm C. Tissue nematode 4. Taenia solium D. caused by E chinococcus granulosis 5. Stroblia E. a stage in Necalor americanus life cycle 6. Bladder like cyst AB. Largest fluke 7. HYDATID DISEASE AC. Is Schistosomiasis 8. Taenia rhynchus AD. Chinese liver fluke 9. Hermaphrodites AE. Blood fluke 10. Lysticercus BC. Necator americanus 11. Tasciolopsis buski BD. A lung fluke 12. Opisthorkis BE. Attachment of a Cestode 13. Schislosoma CD. have both testes and ovaries 14. Trichinella spiralis CE. A larval stage in tape worms 15. Old World Hookworm ABC. Each segment of a cestode 16. Helrophyes helerophyes ABD. Pork tape worm 17. New World Hookworm ABE. Smallest fluke 18. Paragonimus DE. Diphyllobothrium latum 19. Snail
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