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DIAG 2725 Vital Signs Lab Exam - VITAL VITAL SIGNS VISCERAL...

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Unformatted text preview: VITAL VITAL SIGNS VISCERAL DIAGNOSIS LAB EXAM Prepared by Daniel R. Handford PREPARATION BEFORE ENTERING THE EXAM ROOM PREPARATION - Stethoscope around your neck Blood pressure cuff out of case and ready for use (familiarize yourself with the cuff while waiting) Thermometer in hand with protective cover already on, but don’t pull off the sterile cover yet. Don’t forget the second hand watch Finally, silently in your mind, be running through the examination while waiting for your turn. VERBALIZE THIS TO YOUR PATIENT If the patient is not already seated, say “Please have a seat right here on the exam stool (or table) ”. Then say the following: “Hello, my name is ___________________________. - I am a student intern here at Life University and I will be conducting your examination today. Anything we discuss during your visit will be completely confidential. If you have questions or concerns during today’s appointment, please don’t hesitate to ask. If at any time you experience pain or discomfort during the examination, please let me know. DO I HAVE YOUR PERMISSION TO PROCEED?” VERBALIZE TO THE VERBALIZE THIS TO THE EXAMINER “Before I begin any physical exam on my patient, I will assess the patient’s vital signs. I will check the: - pulse for rate, rhythm, amplitude and contour, respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure.” PERFORMING PERFORMING THE EXAMINATION After checking temperature: After checking the pulse, respiratory rate and temperature: o “Palpatory pulse rate is _____ beats per minute. o Respiratory rate is _______ cycles per minute. o and the temperature is ___ degrees Fahrenheit” o ONLY CHECK THE PULSE UNILATERALLY! ONLY After checking After checking the palpatory systolic blood pressure: o “Palpatory systolic blood pressure is _____ millimeters of mercury” After checking the auscultory systolic and diastolic blood pressure: After o “Systolic over diastolic blood pressure is ________ millimeters of mercury” EXAMINATION EXAMINATION COMPLETE! ...
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