DIAG 2725 Final Notes 1 - Appendicitis Right lower quadrant...

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Appendicitis Right lower quadrant pain Rebound tenderness over McBurney point Positive rovsing’s sign Diverticulitis Left lower quadrant pain Radiating down left side of abdomen Inflammation of sac or pouch in walls of organ or canal Red flags of headaches (in history) Recent onset Positional headaches => space occupying lesion Focal neurological signs => ringing in ears, tingling, weakness Cognitive changes => behavior Progressive headaches => getting worse, no improvement Lymph node malignancies Primary lymph node malignancy Lymphosarcoma Hodgkin’s disease Lymphatic leukemia Secondary lymph node malignancy Due to metastasis from other parts of body => breast cancer Benign (inflammatory) lymph node characteristics Soft to firm Painful to tender Movable More tender node => more likely due to inflammation Malignant/suspicious lymph node characteristics Fixated Painless Hard Discrete Virchow nodule Signal or sentinel node Located at supraclavicular node Especially left side Clue to thoracic or abdominal malignancy Due to metastatic carcinoma Sister Mary Joseph nodule Malignant lymph node around umbilicus Indicates intra-abdominal malignancy OPQRST O => onset => when and how P => palliative or provocative => what makes worse or better Q => quality => muscle ache, deep bone pain, nerve pain, scale 1-10 R => radiating or localized pain S => site of pain T => time of pain => worse in morning or evening Heart murmur => audible turbulence of blood flow
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Mitral stenosis Narrowed mitral valve Restricts FORWARD flow of blood Results in forceful ejection FROM left atrium INTO left ventricle Can occur with mitral regurgitation
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DIAG 2725 Final Notes 1 - Appendicitis Right lower quadrant...

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